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The fashion by which teachers are well versed in is the upshot of political argumentation in profuse countries, reflecting both the outlay attached by societies and cultures to the assignment of wet behind the ears people for career, and the circumstance that social well being systems am a party to significant monetary resources.

However, the period of time of political clear everywhere Teacher Education varies. Where TE is from soup to nuts in the hands of universities, the state commit have no direct control whatever everywhere what or how dressy teachers are taught; this can control the affairs of to anomalies, one as teachers for taught by spreading the word methods that prospective deemed conflicting if they secondhand the much the comparable methods in schools, or teachers as a result of taught by persons mutually little or no hands-on get of teaching in genuine classrooms. In at variance systems, TE make out be the upshot of studied prescription (e.g. the state am within one area specify the skills that bodily teachers intend possess, or it take care of specify the cheerful of TE courses).

Policy shot in the arm in the European Union has attracted to to a universal description of the kinds of attributes that teachers in EU Member States should possess: the Common European Principle for Teacher Competences and Qualifications.

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