Preparation and industrialization of high-tech functional fiber materials

Preparation and industrialization of high-tech functional fiber materials Master Degree

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The development of functional fibers is a symbol of the progress of modern fiber science. The development of functional fibers, differentiated fibers and high-performance fibers has created technological innovations for the traditional textile industry, created favorable conditions for the transformation of high-tech industries, and contributed to the improvement of human living standards. Functional fibers are new types of fibers that have some special functions in addition to the physical and mechanical properties of ordinary fibers. For example: fiber has health care functions (antibacterial, killing, physiotherapy and odor, etc.); protective function (radiation, antistatic, anti-ultraviolet, etc.); hot and humid comfort (heat absorption, heat release, moisture absorption, moisture release Etc.) Medical and environmental functions (biocompatibility and biodegradability).

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