Literature of Yuan,Ming and Qing Dynasties Regional Literatue and Culture

Literature of Yuan,Ming and Qing Dynasties Regional Literatue and Culture Master Degree

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Yuan, Ming and qing dynasties, all with popular literature for a long time. Yuan in the past, Chinese ancient literature is the main achievements of poetry and prose, in the traditional concept of Chinese literature, represented by poetry and literature has always been a authentic, novel, opera and so on literature is seen as a little wild, or even wise words. Yuan Ming period, with the townsfolk shape is large, the formation of groups new readers and writers, and the secularization and commercialization of literature, promoted the novel, drama and the prosperity of all kinds of popular literature creation. The creation of opera reached a peak in yuan dynasty, the two dynasties of Ming and qing dynasties broke off, and the creation of novels flourished in Ming and qing dynasties.

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