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Sui, tang and five dynasties literature is an important period in the history of Chinese literature. The sui dynasty ended China's 400 years of secession unrest and division between the north and the south and reunified the country. But the sui dynasty was soon replaced by the tang dynasty. In the history of literature, it is just a transition period mainly to heavy gift for literature style in aspects of development, following a beam, Chen Guizu literati in the form of poem as entertainment, the aristocrat literature end soon. Tang dynasty literature in the tang dynasty in the early, prosperous and points along the four periods, four periods have their spirit of The Times to understand the spirit of the age of four periods and their respective major historical events and background, can be clearly and accurately grasp the rich content of literature in tang dynasty. For example, at the beginning of tang dynasty, literature first had to break away from qi liang's poetic style. In this way, the literary situation of the early tang dynasty is easier to understand. The five dynasties are the period when words are produced. This is an age of poets and writers. This is an age when literary works are shining like clouds and stars. Colorful, but individual characteristics.

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