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Hunan Normal University is located in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, a city of beautiful scenery and outstanding intellectuals. Hunan Normal University has inherited the great tradition of the broad and profound Huxiang Culture and has culti

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Mathematics can be divided into two major categories: one is called pure mathematics; the other is called applied mathematics.

The first major category of mathematics. It follows the internal needs of mathematics, or the possible applications in the future, to study the inherent laws of the mathematical structure itself, and does not require a direct link with solving practical problems in other disciplines.

The second largest category of mathematics. It focuses on the application of mathematical tools to solve practical problems in work and life. In solving the problem, the mathematical tool used is basic mathematics.

We call elementary mathematics from elementary school to university mathematics. Mathematics is the basic discipline, and basic mathematics is the foundation of the foundation. Its research field is broad and theoretically strong. Mainly refers to geometry, algebra (including number theory), topology, analysis, equations and some sub-disciplines of mathematics developed on this basis. Specific branching directions include: projective differential geometry, Riemannian geometry, global differential geometry, harmonic analysis And its application, wavelet analysis, partial differential equations, applied differential equations, algebra and so on.

Basic mathematics is also called pure mathematics and it specializes in the internal laws of mathematics itself. The algebra, geometry, calculus, and probability theory introduced in textbooks for elementary and middle schools all belong to pure mathematics. One of the distinguishing features of pure mathematics is to temporarily break down the specific content and study the quantitative relationship and spatial form of things in a pure form.

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