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Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences
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Environmental studies and Earth Sciences is a multidisciplinary program worried with all parts of cooperation between people, normal assets, biological communities, exceptional atmospheres or one of a kind geographic zones, and the earth:

Water and soil tainting brought about by waste administration and transfer practices

Environmental issues related with transportation via land, air, or water

Geological forms that may affect biosystems or humans

Man-made or actually happening topographical or hydrological hazards

Environmental issues related with the recuperation of materials from the earth

Environmental issues created by extraction of minerals, coal, and metals, and in addition oil and gas, water and option vitality sources

Environmental effects of investigation and development – Environmental effects of risky materials

Management of natural information and data in information banks and data systems

Dissemination of learning on strategies, techniques, methodologies and encounters to enhance and remediate the environment

Environmental studies and earth science offers undergrad and graduate degrees in Geography, Earth and Environmental Science, Sustainability Science, declaration programs in Water Resource Management, Geographic Information Science and Remote Sensing, and Environmental Forensics, and showing confirmation in Earth and Environmental Sciences.

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Disciplines in Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences
Earth Sciences
Soil Science
Climate Studies & Meteorology
Hydrology & Water Management
Environmental Sciences
Biodiversity & Conservation
Natural Resource Management
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