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Hunan Normal University is located in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, a city of beautiful scenery and outstanding intellectuals. Hunan Normal University has inherited the great tradition of the broad and profound Huxiang Culture and has culti

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Applying through ACASC generally takes a few minutes to complete. It takes 5 steps to complete the application.

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Dancing Department was established in 2000, and was among the first Choreographer programs for undergraduates in Jiangsu province. After adjustment in 2008, dancing discipline has developed into an undergraduate program and has been authorized to grant Bachelor's degree. Relying on the A-level doctoral programs of Music and Dance, and high-quality resources of Nanjing Normal University, Dancing defines its training goal, and fouces on teaching research and course construction. It has formed an interactive and positive mode where teaching theory, training techniques, and stage performances are promoted jointly. Dancing has achieved outstanding performance in artistic practice, and created a brand effect featuring well-educated talents, and good jobs, which has made itself a distinctive brand of artistic education in our school. Creative and energetic, the faculty team has always implemented the innovative teaching concept as their core value. Dancing aims to cultivate creative talents, promote organic collocation of different majors, and promote exchange and integration of multi-discipline within Dancing. Grounded on local culture, this program intends to discuss new teaching practice, improve students’ practical and comprehensive abilities in creation, practice and employment, and enhance a sound development of Ecological Dance.

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