Biochemistry and Molecule Biology

Biochemistry and Molecule Biology Doctorate Degree

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Hunan Normal University is located in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, a city of beautiful scenery and outstanding intellectuals. Hunan Normal University has inherited the great tradition of the broad and profound Huxiang Culture and has culti

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Biochemists and molecular biologists are interested in the molecular functions of all living organisms, from the smallest bacterium to the largest whale. In this major, you'll study the way molecules are organised and how they interact to achieve the functions of the living cell and that of the organism. Your investigations cover three main areas: the information stored in DNA; molecular interactions; and how organisms gain and use energy. It provides insights into the mechanisms of evolution, growth, development, reproduction and disease, plus tools to improve our quality of life. This may be through the development of a drug or drought-resistant crop plant or understanding what controls an individual's health. At the end of the major you'll be able to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the theoretical basis of biochemistry and molecular biology. You will be able to demonstrate critical analysis and the application of scientific method to biochemical problems and demonstrate technical competency in basic laboratory skills including solution preparation, qualitative and quantitative analytical methods, and operation of general laboratory equipment. You'll also learn to effectively communicate biochemical and molecular biological knowledge in both written and oral forms. As well as careers in academic, medical and agricultural research, graduates with a major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology have been equipped for careers in patent law, scientific equipment sales, management of clinical trials, forensic science and many others.

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