A Comparative Study of Relative Languages ​​in China and Southeast Asia

A Comparative Study of Relative Languages ​​in China and Southeast Asia Doctorate Degree

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A comparative study of Southeast Asian language studies and related Chinese and Southeast Asian languages has for the first time proposed that the Vietnamese “Han Yue Yue” originated from the “Guangxin Dialect” along the border between China and Guangdong. The earliest demonstration was that the Vietnamese-speaking Vietnamese language family should be strong and strong. The viewpoint that the Lingzuo group merged into the Yuemang-Zhuangzi language family has provided new ideas for the final solution to the problem of the Vietnamese family and expanded the field of linguistics research. He has undertaken 3 national and provincial-level projects such as the “Study of Southeast Asian Language Chinese Borrowings”, published 6 monographs such as “King Language Research” and “Vietnamese Language and Culture Exploration”, and published 9 papers with major influence, and obtained Guangxi Social Sciences. Outstanding Achievement Award 2 items.

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