Sichuan University of Science & Engineering

Light chemical engineering in sichuan university is a technology, science, management, education, literature, history, art, law, economics and so on nine big discipline coordinated development with more than 50 years of undergraduate course, nearly 20 years of course of postgraduate education full-time ordinary institutions of higher learning. School has two campuses, one is located in the sichuan province two national famous historical and cultural city, one is to enjoy the "China light city, the hometown of dinosaurs, salt city with a history of more than one thousand years," the reputation of zigong, the second is to have "Chinese wine, Yangtze river first city" reputation of yibin city. School two consecutive national "Midwestern university foundation ability construction project" project, is the national colleges and universities education "outstanding engineers training plan", "national college students' innovative entrepreneurial training program" in colleges and universities, the national first batch of higher school science and technology achievements transformation and technology transfer center, the first postdoctoral innovation practice base in sichuan province, sichuan province, the first pilot universities, innovation reform in sichuan province, the second batch of deepening the reform of creative education in colleges and universities demonstration at the provincial level, high-tech industry demonstration research unit in sichuan province.

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