Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology

Nanjing information engineering university is a national "double top" construction in colleges and universities, is the high level university construction in colleges and universities in jiangsu. School was founded in 1960, should be the new China national strategies and national economic construction demand, belonging to the central meteorological bureau (CMC), formerly known as meteorological institute, nanjing university in 1963 independent of the nanjing institute of meteorology, listed in the national key university, in 1978 changed its name to nanjing information engineering university in 2004. Since 2007, has realized the people's government of jiangsu province, the China meteorological administration, the ministry of education, the state oceanic administration of the building. Now in management of central and local governments to build colleges and universities in jiangsu province.

School is located in jiangbei district of nanjing, the campus covers an area of about two thousand mu. Existing full-time undergraduate students in school 30000, Thurber graduate student nearly 4000, more than 1500 foreign students. Characteristic of running school, atmospheric science disciplines at the ministry of education level assessment of national first, as A + grades, meteorology as national key disciplines, meteorological equipment, environmental engineering, communication engineering won eight disciplines such as jiangsu university advantage disciplines construction engineering project, earth science, engineering, computer science, environmental science and ecology of four top 1% among the ESI discipline. With atmospheric science, environmental science and engineering, information and communication engineering, management science and engineering, mathematics, science and civilisation, six first-level discipline doctoral level 1 discipline of 22 graduate and 13 professional degree graduate, 60 undergraduate programs in science, engineering, literature, tube, via, law, agriculture, arts eight disciplines, the school also has a postdoctoral scientific research. Existing atmospheric sciences, institute of applied meteorology, atmospheric physics institute, institute of geographical science, remote sensing and surveying and mapping engineering institute, college of hydrology and water resources engineering, institute of Marine science, environmental science and engineering institute, institute of automation, electronics and information engineering institute, school of computer and software, mathematics and statistics institute, institute of physics and optoelectronic engineering college, hosei, marxism institute, institute of management engineering, business, and art college of liberal arts, journalism and other 19 professional school, school have reading (china-uk cooperation), long at college (top), applied technology institute, school of continuing education, college of lotus root matter (creative), binjiang institute (independent college) high level education institutions.

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