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Seasonal Greetings to Foreign Teachers & Experts

 As the Christmas and the New Year are drawing near, Prof. Duan Lihua, Vice President (international) along with all the members of international Exchange and Cooperation Division of Dali University, hosted a dinner for all the foreign teachers and experts working in this University on December 23, 2014. Prof. Duan remarked that it is the University’s tradition to host foreign teachers and experts before the festivals. He said that, on behalf of the Chairman and President, as well as all the teachers and students of this university, he’d like to express heartfelf gratitudes to the foreign teachers and experts for their great contributions to the teaching and research.

Prof. Duan gave Christmas gifts to each of them and said Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. He also offered Dr. Supratik Kundu the Certificate of Employment as a Chief Cordinator of foreign teachers and experts. Dr. Kundu has been working in this university for more than three year and he is a quite popular medical teacher. It is a part time job to help the university to better serve the foreign teachers and experts.


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