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Theatre & Dance
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Theater and arts are  shapes of art in which specialists utilize their voices as well as their bodies, frequently in connection to different articles, to pass on imaginative expression. It is diverse from visual expressions, which is when specialists utilize paint/canvas or different materials to make physical or static art objects. Performing expressions incorporate a few teaches yet everybody is performed before live audiences.Theatre and expressions courses are intended to assemble your execution abilities in the range of showy creation including acting, stagecraft, and specialized theater; to advance your stylish and scholarly capability in theater, theater history, and writing; and to give pre-proficient training.Theatre is the branch of  arts,that arrangements with acting out stories before a crowd of people, utilizing a blend of discourse, motion, music, move and sound.Theatre takes such structures as plays, musicals, opera, ballet, illusion, mime, classical Indian dance, kabuki, mummers' plays, improvisational theatre, stand-up comedy, pantomime, and non-routine or contemporary structures like postmodern theatre, post emotional, or performance art .

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