Studying In China Experience

I am studying in china in one of the most appreciated universities in the Asia, here I would not mention the name of the university as it would unintentionally favor my institution.

Taking about the, “studying in china experience” I would like to tell you my entire academical experience in china. I belong form Pakistan, one of the plus point for me to choose china as my next destination for higher education was that it is very near from my country unlike western countries. Here I would strongly recommend all the folks from the neighboring countries with china to choose any institutions they like in China as here you can visit back to your country every year or maybe twice a year.

I was a high school graduate (as in my country, I cleared my I wanted to travel and see the world mean while I wanted to go for higher education, after searching for a long time on different search engines I came to a decision to go to china as I could travel and I could study my dream profession, medicine! it was a win-win situation for me.

The next step for me was to find how to get the admission in my dream university, now here I was wasting days searching on the internet, wasting as I said because on the internet when you search about a particular thing, unless you know about a specific place to look for you will be moving in a loop. I was worried as I felt alone and no one there to properly guide me about the details of the university, I was a bit more scared and worried as I knew that on the internet there are more scams than the original things.

While I was looking for the appropriate university I came across ACASC. I started to search for different universities in their website. The best thing I liked while I was surfing through the ACASC’s website was that I could filter the university according to the major I wanted to apply in then I could find the university according to the city and many other options. ACASC appealed me so much that the next thing I remember is that I was talking to one of the their persons in their company. At this point I shall appreciate all the work that guy done for me like sometimes he even went out of the way just to facilitate me. He told me about the documents I needed to apply into the university, passport, police clearance certificate , etc.

Now it was almost 2 months gone to prepare all the documents, and I was guided time to time and step by step. It was the time, I never felt so sad until when I realized that this is the day I had to leave my family and head towards an entirely new country where I am not even familiar with anything around me. The time I arrived at  Beijing international airport there was a guy waiting for me with a name card of name, he approached to me and asked me if I was the guy who came from Pakistan and applied to a university with the help of ACASC. Here at this  point I would like to add that while coming to china you should learn the basic Chinese or at least have a translating app along with you, big cities like Beijing or shanghai you can easily find someone who can talk to you in English but when you go to someplace else it kind of get difficult to communicate with the locals.

I was taken straightly to my university, introduced to the warden of my dormitory and all the nearabout. The next day the guy who helped me to get admission came to see me, he took me to the bank opened a local currency account, helped me to but a sim card so that I can talk to my family, he took me to the administration office so I could pay my tuition fee.

Gradually I became friends with my roommates and other colleagues, I learned the mandarin and this helped me a lot. I would strongly recommend everyone to learn Chinese as it increases your chances of survival in china. As far as the studies are concerned I found it worth coming to china for my higher education, there are libraries with large number of books provided to the students, laboratories with all the equipment’s provided to the students to perform their experiments. Then the teachers, simply marvelous! I must say that I have witnessed the teachers teaching me as the ones having a strong grip on their subjects.  Now I am in my final year and it is almost like a second home for me I have many local friends, I have been travelling in china for now like 4 years and I must say, it is prettier than you ever know. Come and visit it once and all I can say is you wont be able to leave such a beautiful place.