Letter Of Appreciation From A Canadian Mum


Letter Of Appreciation From A Canadian Mum


I wish to express my profound gratitude to the ACASC more especially the ACASC Advisor Samuel for his great influence throughout the University search and application process for my daughter. A friend who used the same platform to gain admission to a Chinese University recommended ACASC to my daughter.

I am a mother who had wanted the best for my daughter and through ACASC, I consulted Samuel an ACASC agent who showed that he is a trustworthy person. Samuel gave me in-depth information about Chinese universities. All I did was tell him the course my daughter wanted to study and he recommended the best universities, costs, and requirements. He was highly responsive and answered my questions convincingly. I was assured my daughter will gain admission. I can proudly say he is the reason my daughter has been enrolled in Beijing Capital University. I am really impressed with ACASC services and would recommend it to anyone who aspires to study in any Chinese university.

Tanya Akai                                                                                                 Toronto, Canada





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