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Admitted Students can use our accommodation booking service to reserve university accommodations on campus or off campus i.e. if you’re not interested in staying on campus. Most universities and colleges have strict accommodation regulation so students must stay on campus for the first year or first two years. International students have the right to choose where to stay in universities and colleges that doesn’t make on campus accommodation compulsory. NB: Not all universities have provides this service. ACASC will inform you about the accommodation status of your university.

You can easily reserve your accommodation with ACASC. Log in into your ACASC account using the LOGIN button. A new page will open. Login and follow the instructions. Select reserve accommodation. ACASC provides this service to its members without any service fee. Applicants must report early during the registration period. The early you report, the more probable that you will easily get your desired choice.



Read and understand the terms and conditions carefully.

  • Click on the reservation form. A pop-up page will open. Fill the form completely and read through to be sure that you’ve provided the right information. Afterwards, click submit.

  • A  pop-up page will open and an estimated cost for your accommodation and details is displayed.

  • We will notify you through your registered email.

  • Please make sure to report at the accommodation facility within the date that’ll be stated. If you report late, you might miss the opportunity of living on-campus. In such circumstances, ACASC will aid you in finding an accommodation off campus.

NB: The accommodation reservation and it’ll take less than 10 minutes to complete it.

Not all accommodation reservations are granted. Sometimes the universities or colleges denies applicants the right to reserve an accommodation hence the reason been either they don’t have hostel facilities for international students or there’s no living space in their hostels.

International students who want to leave on campus with their parents should inform the universities ahead of time. Some universities provide these services.

Read carefully the availability of accommodation and the types of accommodation that is offered before you make a decision. Some universities provide flexible choice when it comes to choosing a room. They have single rooms, double rooms and triple rooms. Others have a fixed number of people in a room.


Living on Campus

Most universities and colleges have hostel facilities for international students. Living on campus is safe and convenient. International students are close to the library, laboratories, gymnasium etc. Most of the hostel facilities are equipped with state of the art facilities. They university or college provides the students with TV, basic furniture, toilet, internet access, kitchen and laundry. During winter universities and colleges in the cold parts of China, provide heating at the hostel facilities for students. Shops, internet café’s, restaurants, supermarkets, ATMs etc. are within arm’s reach.

Living outside Campus

Some universities allow international students to leave outside campus others don’t unless after a year or two. Living outside campus is expensive compared to living on campus. Apartment rents vary according to the location of the apartment i.e. how far the apartment is from school, the type of community/complex in which the apartment is situated etc. and the current state of the apartment. Some landlords or landladies equip the apartment before they rent it out. Sometimes, students must equip their apartments themselves and they bare the cost of everything.  This is the estimated cost for living outside campus:

  • One bedroom apartment: 700- 1000 RMB

  • Two bedroom apartment: 800-2000 RMB

  • Three bedroom apartment: 1200- 5000 RMB

NB: The estimated cost depends on the city in which you are and the current state of the apartment.

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