Chinese Language School-Capital Mandarin School For Language Learning

Capital Mandarin School has been established in May 2006. Its spark of foundation was the realization that a lot of foreigners were uncomfortable navigating their Chinese working environment. At the same time, the Chinese they were working with also encountered difficulties dealing with foreigners, most of which were linguistic but also closely related to cultural differences. A working environment in which efficient interaction and a free flow of communication is hindered are not only inefficient from the business point of view, they are also very bad for the working atmosphere, making colleagues feeling afraid or uncomfortable when they have to exchange knowledge. As a Chinese teacher, Ma Laoshi has realized that facilitating positive experiences for language learning is crucial to make language students enjoy their experience in China. After unsuccessfully searching for a Chinese language School for some of her foreign friends, she decided to found a School to put her principles into action. Capital Mandarin School was born