Hunan University of Science and Technology Admissions

Undergraduate Programs

  As an outstanding university in undergraduate education, the university adheres to the principle of reform in cultivating mode by improving students' competence, increasing the financial input on teaching in order to meet the needs of society, and improving its management in various areas such as disciplines, courses and practical teaching. With the goal of long-term development, the university carries out a series of programs in talents training and teaching innovation so as to meet the requirements of society, such as the theme of "Teaching Week" which aims to create a harmonious campus culture of "serving students and respecting teachers".

  In recent years, students of the university have obtained marvelous achievements in various national competitions, such as the German Red Dot Award, the China Youth Technological Competition, the "Challenge Cup" of Technological Competition, the Contest of Mathematical Modeling and the Contest of Electronic Design. By participating such competitions, a lot of students such as Huang Jiahou, Yin Peimeng, Liucheng were not only awarded with various prizes, but also interviewed by state leaders. Moreover, the university has cultivated many excellent students who have been famous throughout the country, such as He Ping — "the Sunflower Girl" as well as "the National Model of University Students in 2011", and Wu Liqiang and Li Jin — "Love Messenger".

Postgraduate Programs

  HNUST has 24 first-level programs for Doctoral candidates and Master candidates, and 140 second-level programs and research orientations for Master candidates and 3 professional programs and more than 20 domains (majors) for Master candidates in education, engineering and translation. The university can award masters’ degrees to in-service personnel with equivalent education level. It has over 2200 postgraduates and has established a comprehensive postgraduate education system in which professional degree and academic degree are coordinated. The university not only makes great efforts to explore a new model of cultivating high-level talents under the current situation but also gradually establishes an education system with scientific research and social requirements as its center. It has formed a “university dominated—college in charge—discipline as its main body—supervisor responsible” system, which has greatly optimized the management of postgraduate education. In 2011, the university was ranked among the best universities in the Quality Evaluation of postgraduate Cultivation Progress of Hunan province and was the only training unit considered “Excellence” among the colleges and universities of evaluated in the Master of Education’s assessment of education qualification organized by the Degree Office of the State Council; Its relevant features were summarized as “the Training Mode of Hunan University of Science and Technology” by experts, thus honored as “the Advanced Unit of Degree and Postgraduate Education” by Ministry of Education and “the Advanced Unit of Degree and Postgraduate Education” during the “11th Five Year Plan” by the Ministry of Education of Hunan province.

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