Top ranking universities in China

According to some thinktanks and intellectuals from all over the world China is soon going to lead other nations of the world due to its massive progress in different fields, one of the main field in which China has claimed itself is the Education! Yes, many students form all over the world are coming to China just for the sole purpose of higher education. China has become more like a main hub for the higher education. Here are some of the main things one should know all about China and all the top ranking Universities in China

entry requirements:

There are many highly recognized universities in china for overseas students that offers you to study in china under an student visa but the hurdle is that you MUST meet the entry requirements. The entry requirements for the visa are set by the Chinese government itself and is pretty much strict! However the entry requirements for different universities are set by the administration of the particular university and depends on the ranking of the university on the global as well as on the national level.

The entry requirements are also set on the basis of major and program you choose. Some of the universities in china are reluctant towards the entry requirements however at the same time some universities are very strict especially the ones with a good ranking like,

Tsing Hua University

City University of Hong Kong

Peking University

Fudan university

Shanghai Jiao tong university

Renmin university of china


Top ranking universities in China details:

China Rank 2018 World University Rank 2018 University Province/Area

1 =27 Peking University Beijing

2 30 Tsinghua University Beijing

3 116 Fudan University Shanghai

4 132 University of Science and Technology of China Anhui

5 =169 Nanjing University Jiangsu

6 =177 Zhejiang University Zhejiang

7 =188 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai

=8 351–400 Sun Yat-sen University Guangdong

=9 401–500 Huazhong University of Science and Technology Hubei

=9 401–500 Tongji University Shanghai

=9 401–500 Wuhan University Hubei

=9 401–500 Xiamen University Fujian

=13 501–600 Central China Normal University Hubei

=13 501–600 East China Normal University Shanghai

=13 501–600 Harbin Institute of Technology Heilongjiang

=13 501–600 Renmin University of China Beijing

=13 501–600 Shandong University Shandong

=13 501–600 Soochow University Jiangsu

=13 501–600 South China University of Technology Guangdong

=13 501–600 Southeast University Jiangsu


Scholarship opportunities:

China offers scholarships to the hardworking and brilliant overseas students studying in different majors in universities of china. The students are awarded one time scholarship which is around 5000RMB and also in the form of monthly allowance by which the students may not need to pay the accommodation fee. There are different types of scholarships which can be categorized as follows,

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5

And freshman scholarships. The scholarships can also be categorized according to the following categories:

1.  Scholarship offered by the provincial government.

2. Scholarship offered by the top ranking universities in China.

3. Scholarship offered by the government.


CGS: Chinese Government Scholarship;

CCSP: Confucius China Studies Program;

US: University Scholarships;

ES: Enterprise Scholarship;

CLGS: Chinese Local Government Scholarship

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