Study wudang Kungfu in China

Wudang quan is a class of Chinese martial arts. Wudang quan decodes as “Wudang fist.” Whereas Shaolin includes many martial art styles, Wudang quan includes only a few arts that utilize the focused mind to control the waist, and therefore the body. In general, kung fu refers to the Chinese martial arts, also called wushu. In China, it refers to any study, learning, or practice that requires patience, energy, and time to complete.

There are many universities in china that offer Kungfu for the overseas student and is taught under many classes such as:

Master Chen Shixing’s class

Short-term Training Class

Monthly Health-preserving Class

Six-month Wudang Taiji Coach training class

Wudang Traditional Wushu Class

Daoist Health-preserving Qigong


The famous universities offering Kungfu in china are as follows:

Zhengzhou University

Beijing Sport University

Shaolin Epo Wushu College

Longwu Kungfu Center

Shaolin Temple Xiaolong Martial Arts School

Siping Shaolin Martial Arts Academy

Zhonghua Martial Arts School of Shandong Laizhou

Shaolin Temple Harbin Wushu School

Chenjiagou Martial Arts College


Requirements for studying Kungfu in china:

The requirements for studying Kungfu in china are not kept strict so that every overseas can study the martial art and find peace in themselves. Here are some of the general requirements for studying Kungfu in china:

Must be in good health

Must have a good attitude

Ages between of 14 to 60 years old


Tips by masters:

Here are some of the tips by the masters of Kungfu from china that you cannot find anywhere in the entire world.

  1. Work on your balance and flexibility.
  2. Master a few stances.
  3. The horse stance.
  4. The front stance
  5. The fighting stance.
  6. Work on your punch
  7. Work on your blocks.
  8. Get your kicks strong.

Come join any of the kung fu university today and learn to control your anger, emotions and your balance in other parts to lead a healthy and strong life.

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