learn Chinese in China

While searching for  a proper learn Chinese in China course you can use one of the following methods:

1.  Find according to the university:


While searching on the search engines or on the websites that are developed for the sole purpose of providing the exact information about the institution’s make sure to search according to the university first. You can filter the universities further according to:

o The world ranking

o Region

o City

While searching for the most appropriate university the most important thing is to find the world ranking as it will eventually effect on the degree you are going to get at the end of your degree.

2. Find according to the major:

There are many universities in china that offers degrees in many different majors under many programs like undergraduate, postgraduate and language courses. Finding the major or filtering the university according to the major will help you find the best university suitable for you.

3.  According to the climate or region:

As we all know that china is a big country having mountains, valleys and desserts. It is better to choose the university according to the climate that suits you the most.

Benefits of learning Chinese in China:


Friends with different cultures:

China has the biggest population in the world with approximately 1.28 billion people. Learning mandarin gives you access to communicate with locals and connect on a deeper level. Now as we see the present day, among the top leading countries china holds a great reputation.


Scholarships for learning Chinese in China:

China helps every overseas student coming to study in the Chinese universities as much as possible. The Chinese government supports the international hardworking students by providing them scholarships. These scholarships help the students financially and buck them up! There are different types of scholarships awarded to the international students I.e. the one awarded to the students by the Chinese government itself and then there is the one the university itself awards to the talented students.


Improve your artistic skills

Chinese symbols and characters require a steady hand. The written words are actually iconographic characters rather than letters. These symbols and characters are created using ‘strokes’ rather like painting.

Improve your brain power

We know we need to keep are brains well-oiled and studies have shown that Mandarin speakers use both sides of their brains! This will certainly keep brains motoring.

Eat great food

Sizzling food markets across China offer some unique dishes not found anywhere else. Chinese cuisine is a joy to behold so the language will acquaint you with the types of food not found in our local Chinese Take Away.


Global honor

As we all know that china is progressing day by day and there are many top universities which are a part of china. Studying in china in some top universities will not only open doors for you in china but also in many other countries. Your degree will be recognized everywhere.

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